Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Label Love: Loeffler Randall

Certain labels have such an innovative aesthetic and directional designer that you want to dive into the rabbit hole of their instagram feed and take up residence in their stylish bubble. One such line for us is Loeffler Randall.

In the early days of Loeffler Randall (pronounced Leff-ler), Jessie created the eponymous brand name by cutting up her wedding invitation and assembling her middle and last names on the inside of a shoe. The first collection launched in Fall 2005 and quickly became a favorite with both fashion influencers and the stylish, modern women who would later become loyal customers. "We create modern shoes and handbags that are the building blocks of a stellar wardrobe – the go-to items that will never sit in the closet because they are a little bit daring, beautifully well-made and effortless to wear."

"I think we all spend an enormous amount of time trying to fit in & looking for acceptance from others when in all actuality, being different is the most important thing of all.” - Jessie Randall

Shop the collection at A20 HERE.

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