Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Staying Power

In looking for trends to incorporate into your wardrobe, it is important to find styles that have staying power. Here are some trends that you are sure to find in store now AND this coming spring.  

Fringe --  Express yourself with a high-drama fringed look or add just a subtle touch with a feminine eyelash fringe trim.  

Open Weave Knits -- Perfect for layering over maxi dresses, these lightweight sweaters will keep you warm year-round without making you too hot.  

Leopard Print -- Who doesn't love a classic leopard print?  We are seeing tons of tonal animal prints and even leopard denim.  

The Cold Shoulder -- Shoulder cut-outs are a great way to inject a little sexy edge to any look.  

Multi-Hued Sequins --  Layered sequins give a garment a luxe depth that works for day or evening.    

Pop-Colors -- Whether you wear a neon blazer or just add a little punch to an outfit with a bright handbag, this bold look has stood the test of time for several seasons now.   

Colored Denim -- Somehow outfits we've worn a zillion times seem new again by substituting a fun color for basic denim.  

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 Have a beautiful week!  
xx--Mel & Jen