Thursday, July 8, 2010

Must See TV

In this age of trashy reality television, here are a few innovative programs worth watching:
Iconoclasts is a fantastic show on the Sundance Channel which features two different ground-breaking public figures interviewing one another and sharing insights.
"ICONOCLASTS explores the intersection where two great talents meet - and where creativity comes alive."
-Robert Redford, executive producer

Some of our favorite pairings over the past four seasons:
Tom Ford, designer + Jeff Koons, artist

Paul Simon, musician + Lorne Michaels, SNL producer

Deepak Chopra, philosopher/physician + Mike Myers, comedian/actor

Bill Maher, comedian + Clive Davis, music producer

Also found on the Sundance Channel is a show following Keith Johnson, the buyer-at-large of found objects for Anthropologie stores. Each episode whisks you away to an exotic locale where Keith and friends scour markets in search of unique art and furniture to fill the company's 123 stores.

shopping for tables in Piey

Rossana Orlandi, gallery owner

Venetian artist Stefano Orliani with a bronze carnival mask

paper prints

Scottish artist Domenica More Gordon's felt dogs

Keith choosing suzanis in Turkey

Mexican store, Chic By Accident

Thai market

Chef Sam Mason, renowned for his suprising culinary combinations and his use of molecular gastronomy, has merged his love of food and music with the Independant Film Channel's original series Dinner With the Band. In each episode, Mason has an indie music group over to his Brooklyn apartment where he creates a meal and cocktail inspired by the group's background and work. Inspiring music and innovative food...what more can you ask for?

Another show on IFC worth checking out is the mind-bending Food Party. Creator and star Thu Tran has taken her wacky show from the worldwide web to television. Picture an Asian Pee Wee's Playhouse filled with absurdist dry wit and lots of junk food.

Happy viewing!

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